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Over Under Horween Money Clip

Over Under

Over Under Horween Money Clip

$ 30.00

The Over Under Horween Money Clip features two powerful magnets encased in leather, which prevents your credit cards from becoming demagnetized. Over Under used Horween leather which is the highest quality leather in the world to fashion these timeless pieces. A Ukrainian Immigrant, Isadore Horween, founded Horween Leather Company in 1905. At first it was razor strops, then NFL footballs, and on to footwear for the United States Marine Corps. Horween Leather is still ran in the USA, by the family after 100 years in business, unlike lesser tanneries that uprooted and shifter operations overseas to benefit from the lower wage requirements, Horween has stood the test of time, as will this money clip. When you don’t need much, this simple yet stylish money clip can keep all your essentials together with confidence.


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